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Click here to order a 3-Axis Skull today!
Order a 3-Axis Skull today!

This skull comes with 2 free single skull VSA routines. Regular price is $50.00 each, giving you a $100.00 value free. Please view our video playlist HERE to see them all and enter the two you would like in the comments later in the checkout process. This Skull is the end result of years of development building off of and improving on my older designs for more range of motion and smoother motion. The biggest improvement is the looks. This is not a cheap $11.00 skull kit modified to fit a 3 axis mechanism. This is a designed from the ground-up complete skull, made specifically for this purpose. It is designed to not show where it comes together except under close scrutiny. There is no horizontal skull cap cut across the forehead which forced everyone to make their skulls into pirates so they could wear a bandana or put on a wig to hide it. These are made for the job.

No skull that comes out of a mold can be this detailed unless it comes to you in many parts that have to be assembled, and then you would see all the seams. Until now, the cost to make a skull like this was too high to make it a viable option, but the time has come, and we are here to provide this to you.
They go together easily with just a few hidden screws and they come apart just as easily, so replacing a servo is not a big deal. You only need two or three basic tools to take these apart and put them back together. There are a few options you can choose. They don't come with a power supply, but you can add one in the cart if you don't have your own. They come with one DMX cable going in, but there is an option to add a second output cable in case you want to daisy-chain another skull off of this one. and finally, if you would like to add a DMX stage light like the one used in the demo video, there is that option as well. Any DMX light will work, so you're welcome to shop around for your own if you prefer. We know you will appreciate this high quality prop, which has only just become possible with advances in 3D printing.
Are you the kind of person who doesn't like taking down the skeletons and spiders until after January? Well, we've got the development board for you. This is electronics at its most spooky! The Halloween Eyeball is a skull-shaped board with a ton of extras built in to make for an adorable wearable, badge, development kit, or the engine for your next cosplay or prop. Halloween Eyeball
Halloween Blinking Eyeball

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