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Frequently Asked Questions
  What's New?  
What's new?
Check out our NEW neon wire, it's really cool, waterproof, and flexible. We also offer electroluminescent (EL) films and tapes. These are used by some for EL Lighting. Originally, these products were not as bright, but recent improvements in the EL formulation has produced brighter products and better materials.

If you would like to see something that isn't carried here, just ask. We may carry it or can get it for you. Just email us for details after checking out this FAQ and our other pages.

Do you offer overnight delivery?

For those that didn't plan ahead and order early, High-Tech Magic does offer overnight delivery, however, we don't guarantee overnight delivery on some of our products. E-mail is the best way to determine delivery times.
If you didn't check first to make sure it's in stock, don't complain because you didn't get it the next day. If you order on a weekend, don't expect your order to ship until Monday. And if it's a check or Money Order, it must clear prior to shipment. We will not refund overnight delivery on a personal check. We will ship overnight when your check clears, but that is all we can do.

What is Magic-Glo?
High-Tech Magic's Magic-Glo device can light neon or fluorescent bulbs in your hands or those of a spectator and they cannot feel a thing! We suggest that you connect the ground wire of the device to a large piece of aluminum foil (that you use in the kitchen) and cover it with a close-up pad or a carpet.
Making contact with the foil on the handle and the other end completes the circuit and you will get an annoying (but harmless) spark. Avoid contact of both terminals at the same time. The spark will give pinprick type burns. Covering the ground protects the performer and spectator.
For walk around use, we had clients put aluminum tape inside their jacket and attached an alligator clip to contact the foil tape inside the jacket. He also had another clip to attach to other metal items. The bigger the ground, the bigger the effect.
You "charge" up the spectator by putting your hands on him and then hold your hand out like a TV evangelist. The foil around the handle is one plate of an antenna. The ground wire is the other. One can get a larger effect from the device with a bigger ground. You could use a copper cold water pipe for better results. On stage, you could use a big piece of metal screen painted the same color as the backdrop. Black on black or silver on a mylar curtain would be invisible to the audience. Any neon or fluorescent bulb between the two antennas will light up without wires. This will light a 4 foot fluorescent or neon bulb without wires!

Can you give me help on the MENSA test?
Sure! Go back to the test and click on the link at the bottom! We've been getting so many requests that we added help there!

Do you ship internationally? What are the shipping options?
Yes! High-Tech Magic can ship internationally. DO NOT use Standard Shipping for International orders! This will cause an immediate delay or rejection of your order.

We request 30% additional for shipping and handling charges. We prepare the customs forms and the paperwork to ship international orders. Please allow extra time for international orders. We find that at least 3 weeks is a reasonable time for shipment.

High-Tech Magic uses USPS Priority Mail as normal shipping and handling charges. We do offer overnight shipping but please email us for availability of the product you wish to order. We have a limited inventory of products in stock and run out from time to time. Our neon bender can provide us more tubes in about a week or so (he's not local and he ships us the tubes). Please allow 3 weeks shipping time for most orders. We can supply larger orders and offer speedy shipping if given advance notice. We appreciate our customers and we know you're anxious to receive your order. We thank you for your patience as we hand make most of these products.

Do you offer refunds? What is your return policy?
Yes! High-Tech Magic offers refunds. If you purchased a glass product from us and you purchased insurance, please contact us immediately upon receiving the shipment so we can authorize a damage claim. If you call us a week or two after the glass product arrives and you or someone else broke it, we cannot offer a free replacement. However, if you email us prior to your order, we'll credit you $5 on the next order.

If your product arrives and it is not damaged but you still wish a refund, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of your order (domestic only, 15 days for international orders) and we'll provide a refund once the product is received by us and in good order. You are responsible for shipping and insurance.

High-Tech Magic reserves the right to inspect the product to ensure that it is in good working order and there are no damage, scuffs, or other defects. There is a 15% restock fee on all returned products, unless it was damaged upon shipment, you paid for insurance, and you contacted us immediately noting that shipping damaged occurred. Returned product for defects must be in the same condition as they were shipped from High-Tech Magic. High-Tech Magic has the right to inspect or refuse a product that has been mistreated or abused by it's handler!

A product may be returned for refund or exchange within 7 days upon receiving it. Returns or exchanges are subject to a 15% restock fee non-refundable!

High-Tech Magic will NOT provide a refund for broken glass products after the customer receives a glass item shipped to them intact! We have found that young children do NOT treat these products as GLASS products and have played with them hard and bumped them, breaking them.

Should you wish another product of equal or greater value, we will waive the restock fee and provide you the other product if it is in stock. If you order a glass item and wish an EL product instead, please contact us immediately and we will provide details on additional costs (if any), depending upon the order.

High-Tech Magic uses USPS Priority Mail as normal shipping. If you ordered a product overnight and it was damaged and you contacted us immediately, High-Tech Magic will ship you a replacement. If you ordered the product overnight or second day shipping, please do not expect us to return the replacement via these methods unless you pay extra for the overnight or second day shipment again.

Prducts returned for refund must be complete with ALL parts. Returned product for defects must be in the same condition as they were shipped. High-Tech Magic has the right to inspect or refuse a product that has been mistreated or abused by it's handler!

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