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Halloween Eyeball
left_img Are you the kind of person who doesn't like taking down the skeletons and spiders until after January? Well, we've got the development board for you. This is electronics at its most spooky! The Halloween Eyeball is a skull-shaped board with a ton of extras built in to make for an adorable wearable, badge, development kit, or the engine for your next cosplay or prop.

8 MB of SPI Flash for storing images, sounds, animations, whatever! 3-axis accelerometer (motion sensor) Light sensor, reverse-mount so that it points out the front LiPoly battery port with built in recharging capability USB port for battery charging, programming and debugging Two female header strips with Feather-compatible pinout so you can plug any FeatherWings in Mono Class-D speaker driver for 4-8 ohm speakers, up to 2 Watts, with mini volume pot JST ports for Neopixels, sensor input, and I2C (you can fit I2C Grove connectors in here) 3.3V regulator with 500mA peak current output Reset button On-Off switch

Comes fully assembled and ready to be your spooky friend. We install the UF2 bootloader on it so updating code and changing the look of the eye is easy.

Electronics only, book is extra (not included).
Price: $89.95 Stock #: HW-001