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Andromeda Glow Lights
Early 1998, a laboratory received a parcel from a mysterious gentlemen (not wishing to be identified) and claiming to live on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico. In the parcel was an incredible lighting device that he claimed could not be over powered and would never burn out. He explained that there was only one connection yet the light produced a high amount of illumination with very low power making it extremely energy efficient. He didn't understand the concept but had included what appeared to be design documentation. This data was finally deciphered early 2000 and has resulted in duplicating this strange and bizzare space age light that we've named 'ANDROMEDA GLOW LIGHTS.' Side Note: So far no trace was ever found of the mysterious stranger. Was he an alien? Energy Efficient Lamp Never Needs Replacement Colors Available Outdoors or Indoor Models115vac/12vdc/Batteries right_img
Andromeda Glow Light
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