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Marco Vannucci       drunkn_munkey_cky@hotmail.com 5-22-2002 09:20 AM
I saw the EL Sabres...VERY IMPRESSIVE!
I WOULD buy one, only if I had enough money.

I was just wondering if you made different payment arrangements
e.g.10 a month

I CAN pay in installments, NOT at the one time!

So if you agree, e-mail me back and if I can get it, I'll give you the details of my order!

Thank You!

P.S. My friend knows this guy who can make light-sabres as well, and he can make the handles and blades into any shape and colour!
Aaron belliston       ayaa 1-19-2005 3:41 PM
I would one if i had enouth money but i
am planing to by one
Aaron belliston       ayaa 1-19-2005 3:42 PM
I would bye one if i HAD enouth money
emil       5-24-2005 04:33 AM
is the lightsaber good can I use it to fight
AmpTrooper       Amptrooper@yahoo.com 12-16-2010 5:16 PM
Do you make the plasma blades or do you resell them? I ask because I am a professional lightsaber builder.
Not advertising just want you to see that I really do this.
I was wanting to know if you make the blades (I see they are not offered anymore) or know the maker as I have an idea that would stand to make us all a lot of money! BTW, I have been visiting your site for many years now and have always enjoyed it!
Thanks and God bless you!
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