Who Else Wants To Get Their Hands On 6 Ready-To-Use Niche Products With Full Master Resell Rights For Pennies On The Dollar?


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Dear Internet Marketer,

If you are serious about earning your own income online, getting this "Niche Products Master Resell Rights" Package could be the right choice for you.

Unlike other "Resell Rights" products you can get everywhere on the Net, this is a set of 6 "Niche" products with Master Resell Rights.


What does "Master" resell rights mean?

This means, when you can Sell the "Resell Rights" to this entire collection of products or any individual product, your customers will also get the "Resell" rights. By giving away "Resell" rights, your customers get more value for their money and the deal will become very attractive to buy.


What can you do with this Package?

  • Resell this 'Entire Package' and keep 100% of the profits!

  • Resell the 'Resell Rights' to the Entire Package at any price

  • Sell individual products with or without resell rights

  • Giveaway individual products to your website visitors and grow your lists!

  • Bundle any or all of these products as valuable bonuses with your existing products to increase the 'perceived value' of your offer

  • Form profitable Joint Ventures with other marketers using any or all of these products


What's Included in This Package?

Everything! When you buy this package, you get everything you need to sell this package. Here's a list of what you get in this Package:-

  • A Set of 6 "Niche" Products with Master Resell Rights

  • This same website to sell the Entire Package to anyone

  • Proven 'minisite' with every product

  • Solo advertisement (Email Promotion) to sell this "Package"

  • Eye-catching Banner ads to go with this offer


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All you need to do is:-

  • Get this Package Now
  • Edit the website that comes along with the package with your name and payment details
  • Upload the contents to your web server
  • Send email promotions or set up banners and start counting your orders!

This entire package with "Master" Resell Rights and Complete Ready-to-use website is yours for a one-time payment of just $11.95

Don't let this small price tag fool you. We've price this package absolute low so that most of you can afford to buy.

That's less than $2 per eBook!

You can resell this entire package at any price you want and keep 100% of the profits!

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